Auto Back Wash Filter

Low-maintenance, high efficiency and the best quality modern technology.

Auto Backwash Filter

Principals of Operation

The Auto self- cleaning filters are capable to handled very high flow rates and filtering suspended impurities. The dirty water enters through inlet nozzle and filtered water move to process through outlet nozzle. Multiple wedge wire filtering elements are housed inside and the flow is moving from in to out. As dirt gets accumulate on inner periphery of filtering element, with predefined differential pressure or timer system goes under back wash for few seconds without interrupting downstream flow/ process.

Technology got wide scope in application as mention below

  • Raw water / Sea water intake filtration
  • Cooling tower water filtration ( Full stream or side stream )
  • Membrane pre-filtration
  • Nozzle protection
  • Condenser protection and many more

Main Features of this Technology

  • Significant reduction in operation and maintenance cost.
  • Water westage < 1% and less energy cost.
  • Less foot print area and no dedicated civil construction is needed.
  • System is capable to handle very high flow rates.
  • Numerous combination of materials can be offered based on water quality.
  • Plug n play technology with easy installation and commissioning.
  • Fully automatic system hence no personal intervention is required.
  • Green technology

About Sharplex

  • Leading manufacture and suppliers of filtration equipment
  • Established in 1993.
  • ISO 9000 accredited company
  • Two Manufacturing plant of 80,000 sq.ft. in Navi Mumbai.
  • Presence in more than 60 countries
  • Superior quality equipment and finest after sales service offered.