Introduction of the Water Filter Mail

We introduce Sharplex as 25 years old focused company in the business of process filtration.  We have 2 manufacturing plants in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Products manufactured in India is being supplied to local market as well as being exported in various countries, as on today we have supplied > 3000 filters for various application. 0Today SHARPLEX is most reputed brand within National &  international market.

Two manufacturing ultra-modern manufacturing facility of almost 80000 square feet in Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai. Both the plants are being accredited ISO 9001 certified by M/s. Lloyd’s Register. Company has also been certified by M/s. Lloyd’s Registers for Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and is authorized to offer its filters with ‘CE’ marking.

We are primarily supplying auto self-cleaning filters which can be used in water circuits, Few applications mentioned below for your reference

  • Side stream filtration
  • Condenser Protection
  • Minimizing Algal growth with less or no chemical consumption.
  • Intake water filtration¬†
  • Membrane protection
  • Nozzle protection.

We also maintain basic core values such as

  • Online filtration, no personal Intervention is require.
  • Units are capable to handle very high flow rates with less footprint.
  • Water wastage is < 1%.
  • Consistency in outlet water quality.
  • Energy efficient Technology.
  • Uniform cleaning.
  • Plug & Play Technology.

The world’s leading process industries trusts only Sharplex for its reliable performance and uncompromised quality in filtration. Operating year after year in various industry, Sharplex has installation base of more than 2500 equipments in India and Abroad, such as Africa, Argentina, Bangladesh, Colombia, Dubai, Egypt, Europe, Jorden, Kenya, Lebnon, Mexica, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Phillippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Zambia, USA etc.

For further any clarification or queries or any specification please contact us on or

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Mr. Rohit Prabhu -09833836112