Sharplex Miscella Filter

Sharplex Miscella Filter


Filtration of miscella in Solvent Extraction Plant of oil bearing material has become a necessity to obtain the feed solution to the stripper more clean to enhance efficiency of stripping and distillation column of miscella. In most of the cases the contamination of fines depends upon preparation of meet (oil bearing material) and it varies to the large extent.

Conventionally hydro cyclones are used for this application and latest trend is to use online SHARPLEX MISCELLA FILTERS which is designed to give clean solution with following advantages .


  • Very low power consumption compared to hydro cyclone separator
  • Avoid deposition of fines on stripper plates of stripping column and hence heat transfer efficiency of column
    is maintained and heat energy is saved.
  • Continuous operation with PLC/timer panel and hence no manual attention is required
  • Due to removal of fines refining losses are reduced by 0.2 to 0.3% which otherwise are lost in emulsification due
    to fines.
  • Closed operation and hence no loss of hexane
  • In Refinery Plate Heat Exchangers do not clog and therefore give better heat recovery during heating or cooling.


Miscella Filter is nothing but like Rotary Brush Strainer. A wedge wire filter element is installed in a vessel which has inlet and outlet connections. The miscella with sediments is fed to the vessel continuously and sediments gets filtered in wedge wire screen and are continuously scrapped by rotating brushes fixed on a central shaft, sediments being heavy settle at the cone and are periodically de-sludged from bottom of vessel through bottom ball valve with actuator which is controlled by a timer.

Therefore valve opens at interval fixed by a timer and settled sediments are de-sludging and send back to extractor.

The central shaft is rotated at slow rpm by gear box/flameproof motor fixed at top of the vessel.


Miscella Flow Area of Filter
16 M3/Hr. (300 TPD SEP Plant) 1 M2
24M3/Hr. (500 TPD SEP Plant) 2 M2
36 M3/Hr. ( 1000 TPD SEP Plant) 2 x 2 M2

Scope Includes

  • C.S. Vessel
  • Geared Motor Flame Proof
  • Wedge wire filter element in S.S.
  • Shaft
  • Rotating brushes in Teflon
  • Bottom ball valve 2” with actuator
  • Timer Electrical Panel

Note : Miscella filter does not work on rice bran oil only as it has fibrous bodies.