Bio-Cell / Cell Separation application for Sharplex High ‘G’ Tubular Bowl Centrifuge.

Filter For Carbon Application

Sharplex high ‘G’ Tubular Bowl Centrifuges are best suited for Biotechnology application and give highest recovery of cells. The machine is designed and fabricated as per GMP requirements.


The Tubular Bowl Centrifuge is comprises of frame, bowl, motor and starter. The bowl rotates at 15000 rpm generating a centrifugal force of 16000 times the gravitational force. The liquid mixture to be clarified enters feed nozzle of the Centrifuge placed at the bottom base. The centrifugal force acts on the liquid entering and clarifies cells and clear liquid according to their specific gravities. In case of liquid – liquid separation two liquids are continuously separated. When they have minimum density difference of 0.2 and they are immiscible in each other. The solids / cells accumulated inside bowl can be removed manually after stopping the machine.

Silent Features

  • The machine are designed & fabricated as per GMP standard.
  • Bearing assembly provided with self lubrication and Greace packed.
  • Open door design facilitates easy bowl removal & installation.
  • Sanitory design can be provided with all contact parts in stainless steel electro polish to highest finish of Ra 0.4 micron.
  • Jacket or cooling coil can be provided to maintain the temperature
  • Highest recovery of bio cells
  • Minimum noise level
  • Variable speed drive can be provided
  • Complete ‘PLC’ panel can be provided with interlocks
  • Trial facilities are available at our factory.


  • Biocell separation – Pharma
  • E-coli
  • Plasma/Blood fractionation
  • Biofertilizer – cell separation
  • Protein precipitate
  • Yeast cell debris