DE Filtration For Oilfield Operation

Clean completion fluids can only be obtained by using right selection of filtration equipment’s and consumables.

Installation of 142 m2 VPLF’S in one of the Refinery

VPL/DE Filtration Unit

142 m2 VPLF

Dual Cartridge Filter Unit

Sharplex VPL/DE filtration in combination with duplex cartridge filtration unit has proved tobe most effective solution for filtration of fluids. Our system can handle flow rates upto 30BPM and can achieve NTV level of < 5PPM.

Benefits of Sharplex DE Units

  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Designed for offshore and onshore use
  • Low operating cost
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Total Package Supply
  • Remove wide range of solids
  • Closed System
  • Semi-automatic cleaning without opening


  • Well completion fluids
  • Gravel pack fluids
  • Work over fluids
  • Brines

Models of VPL / DE Filtration Unit

  • VPL – 420 (39m2)
  • VPL – 600 (56m2)
  • VPL – 840 (78m2)

Models of Dual Cartridge Filter Unit

Type Flow Rate (BPM)
600 10
800 13
1200 15
1500 30

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