Molten Sulphur Filter

Molten Sulphur Filtration is a critical process in industries such as sulphuric acid, sulphonation, refinery plants. The process ensures the removal of impurities which, if rest untreated could cause issues in further processing and handling and could also affect the quality of the final product.

Horizontal pressure leaf filters (HPLF) are commonly used for molten sulphur filtration. The design is typically consists of horizontal cylindrical pressure vessel with retractable shell housing, number of vertically mounted stainless steel filter leaves. Each filter leaf is provided with 5 layers of wire mesh.

The slurry is then pumped under pressure into the vessel. As the liquid passes through the wire mesh the solid particles are trapped while the filtered liquid called filtrate passes through into a collection outlet (manifold). Filter leaves are of bolted design and hence screens can be replaced very easily. After the filtration is over the heal volume in the vessel is drained out from bottom nozzle and cake is dried with steam. The filter vessel is then retracted and cake is dislodged manually or by pneumatic vibrator.

Prior to the filtration process the filter leaves are pre-coated with filter aid. This layer acts as a actual filter medium protecting the filter leaves and enhancing the filtration efficiency.

The advantages of HPLF in molten sulphur filtration is the large filtration area they provide and their capability for continuous operation. HPLF also allow dry cake discharge which can be critical factor when handling like sulphur that solidify at ambient temperature.

Sharplex have supplied several filters for Molten Sulphur Filtration in sulphuric acid & sulphonation plants.

Normally 'ASH' is a impurity which needs to be removed from sulphur so that further processing using molten sulphur should be smooth.

Sharplex offers horizontal pressure leaf filter for molten sulphur filtration in following two versions -

  • Shell retraction design - In shell retraction design leaf remains steady and shell is retracted to & fro.
  • Bundle retraction design - In bundle Retraction Design Shell is steady and leaf bundle is retracted to and fro.

Both the versions are operated (for opening and closing of filter) hydraulically for easy of operation.

Filtration area : from 5 m2 to 200 m2.

Typical Filtration Cycle


Normally filter vessel is manufactured in carbon steel / boiler quality material and is jacketed. Filter leafs are made of 5 layer design and are in complete stainless steel. Leafs are bolted or rivetted design.

Cartridge Filter for Sulphur Polishing

Skid Mounted Molten Sulphur Polishing Filters at One of the Biggest Sulphuric Acid Plant

Cartridge type polishing filter are installed after main molten sulphur filters to remove traces of fine suspended particled of ash and fileraids escaped from main filter, which may choke the downstream equipments in the plant.

The removal of these fine solids will help in running the downstream equipments smooth wihtout interruptions. This will result in reducing the downtime of the plant to great extent.

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