Polishing Filters

Single & Multibag Polishing Filter

Sharplex Single or Multibag Polishing Filters are basically used for post filtration. The baskets are fitted with quick opening type arrangements. Filter bags used are PP, PPS, Polyster Polyamide or special material depending on process conditions. Depending on flow rate single or multibags can be supplied.

Pulse Jet Candle Filter for Polishing (Self Cleaning Type)

Installation for Pulse Jet Candle Filter

The Advantages of "Sharplex Pulsejet Candle Filters" are as follows :

  • Automatic back flushing of solids
  • No opening/closing filter every now and then for changing/removing bags
  • Filter cloth used is very durable hence no frequent changing of cloth
  • No consumption of filter bags
  • Compact design
  • The whole process can be automated by PLC

Level Leaf Filter

Sharplex Level Leaf Filters are used for polishing filtration in post filtration stage to trap the fine particles from the filtrate of main filter. The filter elements have filter surface at both the sides and hence this filter becomes very compact even at higher filtration areas. The filter medium can be cloth or paper. The filters are available from 2m2 upto 15m2.

Cartridge Filter

Sharplex is supplying Cartridge Filters in various range of Cartridge elements. Housing are made of SS, PP, Hastelloy, Monel. Cartridges are reusable or disposable. PP, Spun, Pleated, Wound Cartridges are available in indisposable type and SS sintered, wire mesh Cartridges are available in reusable type. Complete skid mounted versions are available.

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