Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters (HPLF) are frequently used in various industrial filtration processes. The primary difference between Vertical pressure leaf filter (VPLF) and HPLF is the orientation of the filter vessel – horizontally in HPLF and Vertically is VPLF

The structure of the HPLF typically consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel containing multiple filter leafs arranged parallel to each other vertically on a common manifold. These filter leaves, the heart of the filter are made of 5 or 3 layers of metal meshes covered with woven wire mesh or a filter cloth that serves as a filtering medium.

In HPLF cake after the filtration can be discharged in a dry form or in slurry form. For dry cake discharge pneumatic vibrator is provided and for slurry discharge type a pneumatic or electrical slicing arrangement is provided.

HPLF are used in variety of applications across many industries like food, edible oil, fertilizers, mining, pharmaceuticals and metallurgy. The choice between vertical or horizontal pressure leaf filter often depends on specific process requirements including space availability, Flow rates and nature of slurry tobe filtered.

Sharplex Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (shell retraction or bundle retraction) features horizontal pressure vessel, filter leaves, pneumatic vibrator assembly, bottom structure housing, hydraulic power pack for bonnet ring opening / closing and shell or bundle retraction. Filter leaves are mounted on a central outlet manifold with perfect 'O' ring sealing. Filtration areas from 2m2 to 200m2. Dry cake discharge or wet cake discharge is possible.

Filters are also supplied with fix or oscillating sluicing arrangement for wet cake dislodging.

Horizontal pressure leaf filter for wax filtration

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter with shell Retraction design.

4 x 200 m2 Sharplex horizontal leaf filters for dewaxing plant at europe, leaf Retraction Design.

Uniform cake formation in HPLF
Installation of 2x125 M2 Sharplex HPLF for winterisation in Turkey


  • Bleaching earth filtration
  • Wax filtration in edible oil industry
  • Hydrogenation (catalyst filtration)
  • Crude oil filtration in edible oil
  • Alkyd resin filtration
  • Molten sulphur filtration
  • Catalyst filtration

Material of construction

Stainless steel, Carbon steel with rubber, PP, PVDF lining, Monel, Inconel , etc. 'O' ring sealing are available in BUNA-N, Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon etc.

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