Pneumatic Disc Filters (SFC)

Self Cleaning Filters - Disc Types

The SFC series auto-clean liquid filters are designed to remove suspended solids of 10 microns and larger from all types of viscose liquids like Oils, resins, paints, coatings, adhesives, pigments, crude vegetable oils. The SFC filter system incorporates a stainless steel/carbon steel housing which contains tubular wedge wire filter element screen in stainless steel construction. The screen used is 50 to 80 microns. Unfiltered liquid enters through inlet of housing and down to filter element suspended particles are deposited on the inside surface of filter screen. Clean fluid comes out from the outlet of filter housing. The solids retained on the filter screen are removed by circular cleaning disc. The disc is moved up & down along with screen, parallel to the slot openings of screen. The disc is operated by pneumatic cylinder. The solids deposited on screen are brought down in concentrated form and settles in cone of housing and periodically purged out through a purge valve manually or automatically. The compressed air pressure required to operate pneumatic cylinder is 4 to 6 bar g. motorised disc operation is also possible.


  • Paint, Varnish, Resins, Printing Inks, Adhesives and all viscous liquids
  • Vegetable oil refineries for filtration of crude oil
  • Filtration of used cooking oils (Fast Food Joints, Hotels)
  • Polymer Filtration
  • Lubricating Oils/Coolant filtration
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Starch Plants
  • Surface treatment chemicals
  • Ethanol plants, bio-diesel


  • SFC-400 - Capacity upto - 7 M3/Hr
  • SFC-800 - Capacity upto - 14 M3/Hr
  • SFC-1600 - Capacity upto - 25 M3/Hr

Advantages of Self Cleaning Filters

  • Auto-clean online operation & purging time adjustable
  • Highest flow rates with compact design
  • No labour involved
  • No replacement of filter media
  • Very low pressure drop as filter media is always clean
  • No loss of expensive product caused by frequent changing of bags/media
  • When installed before solid bowl centrifuges gives celan oil to centrifuges and hence down time is reduced hence more production

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